Thanks for visiting our "B&B for sale" site!  A link to the official MLS listing is below.  We're the proud owners/innkeepers at Greenwoods Bed and Breakfast Inn in Honeoye, New York.  First off, to answer our most commonly asked question: It's pronounced "Honey - Oy!"  We love living in the Finger Lakes region of New York State; it's pretty amazingly beautiful and is a vibrant tourist destination.  On to the second question... "Why are we selling such a beautiful place?!"  Three years ago, one of us became guardian of a disabled sibling.  We were ready to retire from prior employment and made the decision to move from Colorado to NY to be close to that sibling to provide support.  The bonus was that we got to fulfill a long-time dream of renovating a home and running a B&B inn.  The family member died unexpectedly this past summer and we've revisited our retirement plan.  We've decided to move on to the next items on our bucket list while relocating closer to our adult kids.

We've considered ourselves stewards of a remarkable property while at Greenwoods.  When we purchased the inn in 2017, we found a well-maintained structure that had not been significantly updated or re-decorated in almost thirty years.  Our time here has been a whirlwind of construction and renovation, as well as re-tooling the business as a year-round endeavor.  We're pleased with the results and hope you will consider checking out the B&B in person if you like what you see.  Our realtors are awesome and can be reached via the Contact page on this site.  Please take time here to read about our location, the unique design of the inn, the business opportunity that Greenwoods represents, and the many photos that capture the spirit of this amazing place!


- Rick and Leroy, Innkeepers

The MLS listing with important details and more photos is here: 

Here is an AWESOME video tour of the whole inn (scroll down on main page to see aerial video!):

Our business website, created in 2018, is here:

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And, by all means, read through our TripAdvisor reviews for insight on how guests view the inn.  No fewer than 200 five-star reviews in the past two years!



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